Posted June 04, 2022, in Fitness Class

Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDS) have been known to be used by multiple sportsmen but it has become hard for competitive athletes to be able to use them and get away with it are checking has become standard and they now have a very accurate way to prove if someone has been taking PEDS is getting better and better, there are those who take them and have found a way to beat the system, what that means is, when they are tested it always shows up negative, however, what worked for those cheats this time may not work next time as the athletic association medical type are forever finding new ways to discover it, so many who have cheated their way to the top are able to get away with it. In this video this person not denying he is using them, he is giving his rundown on taking them and what it has done for him, but he does quote many times you do not need to take PEDS to be a good athlete. If you want to know about supplements and training see RSCF.