10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

Posted June 03, 2022, in Fitness Class

10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout is a great way to stay in trim and keep looking sharp in appearance as well as a great way to raise your conditioning levels and one we frequently use at RSFC for people on all levels of fitness, Some people have been doing Jump Rope Workout’s since they have been children, they are now in their nineties and they still do it, there have been reports by some people that this is the only way they feel is necessary to stay fit. This is something worth trying, however, it is not always suited for every person, if you attempt to do this and you start having problems with your knees the wise thing to do is stop. You may be doing everything correct but it causes problems with your knees, the right thing to do is to stop doing it, there are countless exercises which you can do and they will not cause a problem with your knees, remember some injuries caused by people failing to accept their limitations are irreversible.