I Tried The Navy SEAL Fitness Test

Posted June 03, 2022 in Fitness Class

Navy Seal Fitness Test is for those of us who feel they have reached a level of fitness which is way above the average person, as we are not sure how true that really is we then want to test ourselves against the elites one of the ways which has been known world wide is testing our strength and fitness with the armed forces, one such force which advocates such test is the the elite USA force called the Navy Seals, here in this video we have a lady who trained hard and really feels confident of her ability and she seeks more than the her feeling of confidence you wants proof she she has applied to the Navy Seals for their test and she is going to put her strength and condition to the test. RSCF can help any person reach the level of fitness where he or she feels confident enough to try and pass the Navy Seals Fitness test.