Why Everyone Hates CrossFit

Posted June 04, 2022, in Fitness Class

Why Everyone Hates CrossFit is a phrase going around down to the number of bad gym instructors going around, there are over 15,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide and the question is from that number how many of them have a team of good instructors or how many of them actually have any good trainers. What we mean here is not a team of trainers with rippling muscles but we speak about a team of trainers who can teach us safely and ones that can make our journey in learning Crossfit excel in a way we would all like it to. The big question here is, how many of the trainers in the 15,000 gyms worldwide should not be teaching in a gym, and if they are teaching in a gym how many people are facing a serious injury purely down to training with a poor gym instructor. With that said RSCF guarantee you that when you train with us you are not training with people who did a two-day course to become a CrossFit instructor all our members have studied what it takes to be a fitness instructor and they’ve passed numerous exams to prove it.