Please DON’T Follow Celebrity Fitness Advice

Posted June 03, 2022, in Fitness Class

Celebrity Fitness Advice is something that many people want to know about but sadly there has been a lot of research which has gone into questioning how much what they say is really true. Celebrity Fitness Advice has been proven to be fake on multiple occasions, of course, that does not mean every person who is a celebrity is a liar, but many researchers worldwide have investigated this matter alone and have checked if what they say they do is real, and most cases what they told the public and what they were really doing was entirely different. RSCF has many students here in the UK and many have found training with us to be good, however, what someone says to the coach and what he says in front of the Hollywood cameras are entirely different. Another thing which people overlook is that many people have a certain shape based entirely down to genetics. There have been bodybuilders who have trained night and day only in order to get their muscles in a certain shape based on another person who was training who they liked and irrespective of years of training they were unable to get the look they wanted.