Power of Fitness Vincent Lam

Power of fitness by Vincent Lam makes some good points and he does some theory here, what a lot of people do not realise is there is a lot of theory which goes in to the power of fitness and it is important for each participant to familiarise themselves with them. One of the values in training is confidence and an increase in the way you use your brain, this is why the power of fitness can work wonders in multiple differences in your life. All Mr Lam suggests in his video is you should train 5 times a week for 30 minutes a time, of course, that point is arguable, some say 3 days a week is enough for each week, others say 5 and some say you should train every day. RSCF will never advocate training every day as they know that rest is also very important, the sad reality is that some people are so foolish that the only time they adhere to such sayings is when they are seriously injured and put in the position that they may never be able to train again, or unable to train for many years, and they only reason why they are in that position is that they just would not stop.