This person lost 80lbs in 5 Months!!!

Losing 80ibs in 5 months can be accomplished but if we do so caution must be taken if we really want to achieve this and not reverse the reason we started this journey, what I mean by that is we must not damage joints and muscles in order to accomplish weigh loss we must do so that it is not harming us. This lady was successful in accomplishing her goal, she did not accomplish this overnight it took her 5 dedicated months and in doing so she was able to achieve the results she wanted if you watch her and like what she did to accomplish this perhaps her program make work for you. If you are trying multiple techniques and irrespective of all you trying nothing works then perhaps try booking a session at RSFC and you can be certain we will lead you in the right direction. Losing weight is a sore topic for many people, but no matter how much you are overweight if you are able to walk and are not bed confined with the right consultation there is always a way where a weight loss program can be beneficial.