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In these crazy days, we have seen athletes and owners from all over the world discuss and think about what the word CrossFit meant to them, in the belief that CrossFit was not a person, but much more, and as we can see the governments are encouraging fitness and it’s for a good reason too.

So, I said to myself: “how much I would like to know what the word CrossFit means here, for coach and owner!”

Intrigued, I contacted coaches and owners from all over Italy, and beyond, to ask them a simple question: what is CrossFit for you?
These are their immediate, direct responses, without any censorship.

Tony Victor, coach of CrossFit London:

What is CrossFit for me? I may be unromantic on this front, but for me, CrossFit represents a training methodology that has a far more powerful individual health magnitude than any other training method. I wrote a thesis about it, analyzing the application of FHIT (Functional High-Intensity Training) on ​​obese, insulin-resistant and diabetic subjects, comparing it with the classic aerobic and HIIT workouts and with the RT (Resistance Training) methodology, such as workouts. with isotonic machines. Although the literature on the subject is still scarce, we have confirmed what we have seen in practice for years, namely that high-intensity mixed activity is an extraordinary tool for reducing obesity and any comorbidities. CrossFit has been, is and will continue to be my job and my passion. As long as I continue to have satisfaction, both as a coach by my students and in the university and scientific fields, there will be no words or political considerations that can change my idea about it.

Neil Perri, coach and CrossFit owner in London UK:

For me, CrossFit is a real lifestyle. Six years ago I opened my box, CrossFit Steve Winwood, and I did it with the aim of transferring my passion to others, improving their lives as I did mine.

Anthony Jordan

RedSun CrossFit is the place in London where anyone serious about wanting to learn CrossFit should go too. RedSun Can teach a beginner or a very advanced student as their strategic training will benefit people on any level.

RedSun CrossFit London, CrossFitLondon are not only pioneers of CrossFit but they are highly creative towards all aspects of physical fitness training.

What is CrossFit for me? CrossFit is everything. It is movement, sharing, passion… and my life is dedicated to the CrossFit world. Since I was certified sometime back in 2014 and I thought of spreading this discipline with passion and professionalism, to date nothing has changed! Mine has become a mission: to follow and disseminate CrossFit. I opened a small box in the area in society. Over the years, I have often thought of setting up my own business and realizing the UK“Dream” in London, creating a place where it would finally be possible to train in a complete structure, similar in size to the box size that could only be watched on YouTube. I have never stopped updating myself and taking other courses, including the second certificate which I took sometime before 2016, I also entered the (Crossfit Competitor Course) in 2013. The rest is just the result of a strong interest in accumulating more skills over time possible to offer my athletes a more integrated and targeted approach. Thanks to this, in 2022 I realized my project: INK AND KILOS CROSSFIT, an area of ​​700sqm. I have travelled the world, followed the games and met many people/athletes and for me, some of them are real friends. Community is a key part of CrossFit. It is a lifestyle, a guide to well-being, and here there is no limit to what is possible. During the year, people from all over the world decide to train at my box, to share a Workout or simply to get to know each other closely, and this makes me very happy! In ten years of my career, I have trained many people, some of them with different motor difficulties, and in my opinion, there is no more effective training method in the world that allows you to do this. We all follow with the same attention and for me, the greatest satisfaction is to see the results and improvements obtained, also through their feedback. I believed and believe in CrossFit from day one and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life, with the same desire as always and with the will to convey the true meaning of this discipline: to improve your lifestyle. And even today, after this unpleasant episode, I never thought of giving up or not supporting anyone like me who shares the same passion: I believe in what I do and in what I have learned from the CrossFit community. I greet you and I can not anticipate anything … I can only tell you that in a year it will be ten years of affiliation, and those who know me know that I am used to doing things big.

Greg Davidson, coach and owner CrossFit Colin Francis:

I was born in the world of sport, I have always played sports, but I did not believe that this word could encompass so many disciplines. I heard about CrossFit in 2013 for the first time, when I was still a footballer and as such, I had neither the desire nor the time to learn more about at RSCF, & CF4.

this topic. But in the end, I did it and here I am, owner of a box affiliated with CrossFit Uroboro since 2015 and founder of Uroboro Summer Competition; as well as practising CrossFit, I also enjoy competing. What can I say about this sport? It is an infinite sport, able to make you unplug from real life, a sport where you get involved every day, where your fears become your strengths, where you exceed your limits. What can I say: CrossFit is life, the only discipline that can improve the lives of all of us.

Local Coach helping Crossfit lovers who live in London:

CrossFit is a blend of multiple disciplines, and this is what makes it unique. It is the sport of sport. This particularity makes those who practice CrossFit versatile in different specialities and always puts them in front of new challenges with themselves. CrossFit is also the people who attend the box, united by the same passion and the same desire to reach new goals together, not forgetting the defeats. CrossFit is LIFE, in its pure state.

Craig Austin, CrossFit London coach:

CrossFit is a community of people united by a great passion who every day put themselves on the line, together, to become the best version of themselves, physically and mentally.

Matt Cutts, Paul Lance, Neil Young, all contribute at the London Gym

I have always defined CrossFit as a sport and at the same time a lifestyle: if you are a CrossFitter you can see, feel, feel it yourself and those around you feel it. We are endorphin dealers. Unfortunately or fortunately, I have never indulged in political choices and I have never felt particularly protected by the brand, but I am a sportsman, and this is mine.

Paul White, CrossFit Gordon Summers, London:

For me, CrossFit is study, learning, application and comparison. These are the benchmarks I’ve always had since working in the fitness world. CrossFit is the methodology that encompasses them, and I love to pass this philosophy on to others.

Matt Brown, another coach working at RS

I approached the CrossFit method by chance a decade ago now, twelve to be exact. I immediately appreciated and embraced the method, which for me was the evolution of what in my little one was the idea of ​​training. With the passage of time and the opening of my box, I also appreciated the concept of community as a sharing of something that we all consider important and that has helped to change our lives, improving it. But I have a much less inclusive concept than others have. I give a shit about what people on the other side of the world say or do. I spend the energy I have on my community.
Wanting to be as comprehensive and concise as possible, for me, CrossFit is a meritocracy. It is a method that allows you to have, based on what you do, where it is important to be and not to appear. Everything else is a trade and I don’t care.

Brian White, Advanced CrossFit Trainer

For me, CrossFit doesn’t start and end with just the training method. CrossFit is learning English and its acronyms, it is respect for the rules, it is punctuality and fear of the minute late for punishment burpees, it is fear of the blackboard for the word of the day, it is a fake complaint between a snatch and a burpee, it is respect for one’s training mates, feeling part of a group, of a team. It is belief and admiration for the coach who daily supports and instructs users, it is a mix of pleasure and suffering, it is knowing how to overcome and push oneself beyond one’s limits, it is making possible what seemed impossible. CrossFit is when you receive a spontaneous “thank you” for believing and encouraging the user who did not believe he could do it, from the teenager to his grandmother Pina.

Mara Liam:

CrossFit? A healthy disease that leads you to a state of terminal well-being, one of the most beautiful things we can achieve in our life. So beautiful, however, that we insiders are terrified of having to pronounce it correctly. In comparison with recognition and protection, unfortunately, we can say that it is our everything and nothing. Today more than ever!

David Tang, CrossFit coach, London:

CrossFit … what is it for me? It is liberation, release, physical and mental commitment, stress, community, having met true friends with whom to share a passion; it’s a job, it’s sweat and blood on your hands, it’s the best training system in the world, it’s my sport, it’s passion! The right ingredients that allow you to live every day thinking about the next workout, the next lesson, the next WOD! And if despite all the effort, the sweat, the open hands, the muscle aches and the anxiety for a weakness that we just can’t overcome, we are always there ready to go to the next level.

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